This is a fully automatic facility dedicated to the production of cold-box WATER JACKET and SLAB core assemblies, at the nominal production rate of 75 cycles/h.

The facility is installed next to a 2-machine cell producing the Siamese CRANKCASE/BARREL cores and the FRONT END / REAR END cores completing the core requirement for 150 motor block castings per hour.

The cores are shot on one H100 core machine and are ejected from the upper core box half directly into the core de-finning/takeout template. Up to four WATER JACKET and four SLAB cores can be produced per cycle.

A six-axis robot removes the cores from the de-finning/takeout template and transfers them to the 4-station assembly turntable.

The robot deposits the WATER JACKET cores on the assembly turntable, then it places the SLAB cores on top of the WATER JACKET cores.

The SLAB cores are automatically screwed to the WATER JACKET cores. Special screws are driven into pre-formed holes of appropriate geometry. 3, sometimes 4 screws are required to secure the assembly.

The screws are driven trough holes pre-formed in both cores. The geometry of the holes is critical to insure that the screws fulfill their function without damaging the cores, even when a screw must be driven through extremely thin sections.

The assembled cores are picked-off by a second six-axis robot and transferred to the coating station where they are dipped to the required level and let drip as necessary.

Before being deposited on the conveyor system of the drying oven, the cores must be turned-over with the SLAB-side down. This is achieved by means of a re-take table where the cores are first deposited then picked-off again from the opposite side.