Cold-box multi-station facility for the manufacture of V8 cylinder head cores in the FERRARI AUTO aluminum foundry in Maranello, Italy.

  • FERRARI core making
  • FERRARI core making
  • FERRARI core making
  • FERRARI core making
FERRARI core makingFERRARI core makingFERRARI core makingFERRARI core making

The facility is rated at 60 cycles/h, however production rates up to 80-90 cycles/h could be achieved if required. Core box size is 1,080 x 650 mm.

Based on an innovating, multiple-tooling concept the facility works with horizontally parted tooling, up to seven different core boxes being operational at any time. This allows to produce on the same machine all the 12 cores required to casting one cylinder head.

The facility consists on the following main stations connected by a mechanized tooling transfer system:

  • Shoot station, centered on one 25-liter core shooting machine.
  • Gassing station, with SO2 gas generator.
  • Tooling opening / stripping / inspection station, where the core box is automatically opened and the upper half tooling is tilted and presented to the operator for inspection and cleaning while the cores are ejected from the lower half.
  • Tooling change-over station, allowing for on-line core box changing.

The advantages of the HANSBERG multiple-tooling system, when compared to the traditional, multiple-machine approach are manifold:

  • A single facility can be dedicated to the production of many different molds and cores with no tooling change-over downtime.
  • Capital investment for ancillary equipment such as sand preparation plant, fume extraction equipment, etc. is reduced.
  • Shop floor occupation is minimized because all the equipment is concentrated in a single location as opposed to being spread over a larger area.
  • Stocks are sensibly reduced because all mold sections and/or cores required to complete a package can be produced on the same machine at the same time.
  • Manual handling of molds/cores and the related scrap can be reduced to a minimum as the mold/core assemblies can be put together on the spot.