The HANSBERG high-pressure molding line recently installed in CM SMITH’s foundry in Nadiad, India, embodies HANSBERG’s uncompromising approach to quality mold production.

Featuring HANSBERG’s unique pre-fill/shoot/squeeze molding technology, the line has a compact layout based on one 2-station rotary-table molding machine producing cope and drag molds in sequence at the rate of 120 complete molds/h.

The flask size is 800 x 650 x 300/300 mm an. Cooling time is 60 min.

In the rotary-table molding machine, the cope and drag pattern-plate bolsters are housed within the machine’s turntable. The 180° rotation of the turntable brings each pattern plate in sequence in and out the molding machine. The turntable arrangement affords easy access to the pattern-plate allowing easy inspection as well as per the placing of chills, sleeves, etc.

The line features state-of-the art actuator control technology, as is the case of the cooling lines pusher/receiver servomotors and drives, which are configured in gearing mode to insure rigorous control of cycle time and speed profiles while maximizing energy savings.

CM SMITH foundry is specialized in the production of machined automotive components in gray and nodular iron, including gear box housings, differential carrier housings, differential cases, clutch and flywheel housings, brake discs, brake drums, hubs etc. Major Customers include prestigious automotive OEM’s from India, Europe, and the USA.