Green sand molding

Green sand molding

Our many installations worldwide speak for FRITZ HANSBERG‘s outstanding reputation as designer and manufacturer of automatic, high-density green sand molding facilities.

Our unique molding system, combined with superior equipment design, make FRITZ HANSBERG the name of choice for many world-class foundries in Europe and overseas producing the widest array of cast iron and aluminum castings, from automobile and commercial vehicles, to general engineering, municipality, and domestic heating.

Based upon a three-phase molding sequence featuring pre-fill, shoot, and squeeze, the HANSBERG Molding System is a consolidated, foundry-proven mold making technology which ensures the production of castings consistently complying with the strictest quality control requirements:

  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Unmatched surface definition
  • Minimum casting mass variation
  • Improved pattern-plate utilization
  • Reduced use of cores.


Pre fill

Pre-fill ensures that clot-free sand always fill deep pockets and cavities, even when the pattern contour is most intricate.

  • Outstanding casting skin quality.
  • Unmatched mold surface definition.
  • Possibility of using facing-sand.



Shooting ensures excellent mold surface hardness with homogeneous distribution of sand from the mold center to the flask edges, and is instrumental to achieving high sand compaction in deep, narrow cavities.

In the HANSBERG Molding System the sand grains are shot at high speed and acquire a very high kinetic energy which is converted in high compaction work when the grains impact the pre-fill layer on the pattern-plate.

Unlike in other air-based systems, in the HANSBERG Molding System the air escapes from above through filter plaques housed in the shoot dosing frame – NO need of vents on the pattern/patternplate!



Thanks to the high-pressure squeeze phase, uniform compaction throughout the mold depth and outstanding mold rigidity are always achieved

Squeeze pressure can be adjusted in order to account for the specific requirements of each pattern-plate. The system offers the possibility of easily setting independent squeeze pressure values for cope and drag molds.

Unlike most other systems, the HANSBERG Molding System limits the sand requirement just to what is needed to make the molds. This is possible because the volume filled by shooting is automatically and continuously adjusted to account for the actual volume reduction caused by squeezing – NO need of mold strike-off!