High-volume core making and handling

Core making and handling
Thanks to our experience matured in cooperation with some of the most successful and demanding foundries worldwide, we are a leading manufacturer of high-performance core machines and complete facilities addressing every aspect of the core making and handling process:

  • Core de-finning
  • Core assembly
  • Core coating
  • Core setting.

Our close, long-lasting cooperation with leading suppliers of foundry tooling and complementary equipment allows us to engineer and supply integrated, state-of-the-art core shop solutions.


We manufacture a full range of high-performance core machines for all cold-box and hot-box processes.

Available with shoot chamber capacity from 5 to 350 liters, these world-class, heavy-duty machines are truly built for the foundry, designed and manufactured to be employed on a continuous basis for 6 days/week, 24 h/day.

Standard features

  • Control system with integrated fault diagnostics.
  • HMI terminal.
  • High-efficiency shooting system.
  • Automatic core box blowing/spraying.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Automatic tooling change-over facility.
  • Minimum operating noise (Leq <80 dB(A)).

Special features can be incorporated upon demand.

We make a point to evaluate even the most specific need of our Customers.

Our flexible, innovation-focused approach to machine manufacturing allows us to develop special machines and custom-designed solutions addressing virtually every core making requirement.


Core de-finning can be achieved using gantry manipulators or core pick-off robots and de-finning fixtures of various construction like masks, brushes, or chains, with various degrees of success.

However, when de-finning quality and consistency really become an issue, we use our unique de-finning system, whereby the cores are automatically de-finned by means of high-precision steel templates upon ejection from the core box cavity – the true, uncompromising prerequisite to quality casting production.


Bolting with tie-rods and locking nuts is the most widespread and cost-effective method of assembly for heavy core packages such as motor block packages, ensuring both high mechanical stability and tight dimensional tolerances.

An alternative method of package assembly is sand bolting, whereby a connecting sand element – sand bolt – is shot through a channel running through the package.

Lighter cores are successfully assembled by screwing or gluing.

Core assembly is sometimes assisted by laser-based vision systems which insure that the cores be handled and assembled with the highest accuracy.


Our constant-level coating tank design insures continuously consistent dip level over time, while the pump and agitator circulate the wash preventing refractory/carrier segregation.

Automatic wash density control is available as an option. Based on continuous mass/volume monitoring, core wash and water are automatically fed into the tank to insure constant wash density.


Automatic core setting reduces mold and casting scrap caused by operator’s loss of concentration and fatigue.

High-capacity, low prevalence suction devices are often used for core pick-off instead of mechanical grippers on account of the associated simpler and inexpensive tooling construction.